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Payment Gateways
Published on 29-12-2018

Dear Members,

For the moment you can use only PAYPAL and SOLID TRUST PAY as a payment processors.

We are working on the terms to be able to offer the following payment gateways:


- Payeer


-Perfect Money


Thank you for the understanding!

Kind regards,


Solid Trust Pay
Published on 29-12-2018

Hello dear members,


SOLID TRUST PAY available as a payment gateway.




Deposit Promo
Published on 27-12-2018

Hello Dear Members,

Promotional offer:

Deposit 15 $ - BONUS 5 $  in Purchase Balance.






Santa Claus Promo
Published on 06-12-2018

Ho Ho Ho Dear Members,

Santa Claus is here with an offer:

   - 25 DIRECT REFFERALS - Only 3$

Advertise - Special Packages - Santa Claus Offer.



Santa :D


December Offer
Published on 30-11-2018

Special Offer:

-10000 Featured Link Ad Credits
-10000 Featured Ad Credits
-10000 Banner Ad Credits
-10 Direct Referrals
-10000 Paid To Click Credits

      Only 1$


Advertise - Special Packages - December Promo


December Recognition
Published on 18-11-2018

Hello dear members,

As you know WINTER IS COMING, as appreciation, this december we will offer you more points for your activity.

As such, more points = one step closer to convert the points as you desire.

More clicks/ref clicks/forum posts = more points.


Kind regards,


Published on 14-11-2018

Dear Members,

Lets celebrate our first BLACK FRIDAY <3

Special offer:

  • 5 Direct Referrals

  • 10000 Paid To Click Credits

  • 10000 Banner Ad Credits

  • 10000 Featured Ad Credits

  • 10000 Featured Link Ad Credits

                   ONLY 0.50 $ (offer expires on sunday 18 nov.)

To access it: Advertise - Special package - Black Friday

Head Tail Game
Published on 14-11-2018

Dear members,

We have a new addon available for you.


 500 % PROFFIT (the profit will be added in the account balance).

0.005, 0.01 BET - If you like the game we can add more bets (you must have cash in the purchase balance - you can transfer cash from account to purchase - 0.50 min).

50% - 50% Probability of winning 

Enjoy the game and good luck 

Kind regards,

Crack the Vault or Kiwiwall Offerwall - Your Choice
Published on 14-11-2018

Dear Members,

We want to add a new addon for you.

Let us know what would you like to use between:

- Crack the Vault Game
-Kiwiwall Offerwall


Please reply to this topic in the Forum -> Members -> Featured Requests section.

Kind regards,


The use of POINTS
Published on 14-11-2018

The points can be converted into cash (purchase balance) or you can upgrade your standard account.

To convert the points you must access: My Account -> Account Summary -> General Stats.

In the General Stats section you can find {Convert Points}.

GOLD Memebership: 900 points = 1$.

STANDARD Membership: 1000 points = 1$.

DIAMOND Membership: 500 points = 1$



   -Gold = 1000000 points

   -Diamond = 4000000 points



Kind regards,


Minimum Payment
Published on 14-11-2018

Dear members,

Minumum payment depends on your membership as follows:

-STANDARD - first payout 2$, second payout 5$, third payout 10$ (after 3rd payment it will be fixed to 10$).

-GOLD - first payout 2$, second payout 5$ (after second payout it will be fixed to 5$).

-DIAMOND - 2$ fixed.




The Value of POINTS
Published on 14-11-2018

The Value of the POINTS depends on your membership as follows:


  • per direct referral: 0.05          
  • per ptc clicks: 0.05
  • per forum post: 1 (non sense posts will not count)
  • per completed offer: 10 (working progress)
  • per dollar deposit: 10 


  • per direct referral: 1
  • per ptc click: 1
  • per forum post: 1 (non sense posts will not count)
  • per completed offer: 20 (working progress)
  • per dollar deposit: 20 


  • per direct referral: 5
  • per ptc clicks: 5
  • per forum post: 10 (non sense posts will not count)
  • per completed offer: 50 (working progress)
  • per dollar deposit: 50


Kind regards,